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Our Strategy

Your Input

Explain your Concern. We will ask some questions related to the matter and note it down.

Our Analysis

We will analyse your Case. Our experienced unfair dismissal lawyers will work on your matter. 


Get a Solution. We will guide you through the solution and implement it legally.

Your Input

You are the main character in this case. The claim of your application totally depends on your Input; how well you explain your situation so that our lawyers at Wage Thieves understand it and plan accordingly.

  • Firstly, you need to contact us. You can contact us using our contact us page.
  • You need to give an overview about your case and we will arange a meeting for further discussion of your claim.
  • During our meet, we will discuss more about the claim and decide the outcomes of it.

Our Analysis

This is our part. Our experienced lawyers will go through the claim and all the information that we got from you will be analyzed. We will add the legal part to the claim and make it more firm.

The lawyer assigned to you will observe the legal side of your claim and check whether it will be a valid unfair dismissal claim. Also, before filing the application, We need to identify whether you are eligible for the claim.

For that, we will check:

  • your time period working in the company
  • whether your employer is a small business employer or not
  • the reason behind the dismissal
  • what procedure did your employer followed to dismiss you
  • if in case of poor performance, we will check if your employer gave you enough time to improve your performance before your termination


Within the 21 days of your dismissal, we will file Form F2 for the unfair dismissal claim with the Fair Work Commission. A response from the employer is expected within 7 days of the claim.

At Fair Work Commission

  • Both the employee and the employer attend a telephone mediation. A mediator runs the mediation, which lasts for 2 hours. Generally, your claim settles here.
  • If your claim didn't settle in the above step then the claim progresses to a jurisdiction hearing.
  • The jurisdiction hearing will be scheduled within six weeks from the claim being filed.

    Our lawyers will represent your claim in the jurisdiction hearing and will try to settle your claim.

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