About Us

At Wage Thieves, we’ve been fighting for the rights of the employees and the employers for more than 15 years. And, in these 15 years, we have grown in our field with all the positive response from our Australian citizens. Our only objective is to keep our clients first and provide them with our expert advice. We have put a smile on as many as 450+ employees in Australia by solving their unfair dismissal issues. We have even generated a report on underpayment of wages for the employees which is used as an additional documents for some cases.

Our founders had started this firm with a thought of giving a hassle-free service to all the employees who have been dismissed/terminated from their jobs without getting a proper reason and losing their hard-earned money.

We have started providing free first call service in 2010, wherein we provide free of cost advice to the employees on the call. An experienced lawyer from the firm will attend the call and guide you in your situation and explain you the steps involved in claiming an unfair dismissal application.

And, we not only provide hassle free service but our service is cost effective. You can challenge our charges in the industry and check for yourself.

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